20 September 2021


Dealer of laboratory instruments for quality control of raw materials and manufactured goods.

With forty years of experience in the world of laboratory instrumentation, Noselab Ats is an authorised dealer of the most prestigious brands on the market.

Currently, Noselab Ats has partnerships with several brands such as X-Rite, Rhopoint, DeFelsko and TQC Sheen, which produce laboratory instruments for quality control of raw materials and manufactured goods and for the paint and colour industry. 

X-Rite provides solutions to ensure optimised colour throughout the entire industrial process: from design to production. Colour standards and rigorous colour evaluation are key to reducing waste throughout the production chain. X-Rite bench-top spectrophotometers and portable spectrophotometers are part of the colour management solutions offered for the paint industry and many other sectors.
Rhopoint is a manufacturer of equipment for conducting quality measurement tests on surfaces. The characteristics of each surface are important in determining the quality and durability of the finished product. The transparency of a surface, for example, can also be decisive in some sectors, which is why we offer Rhopoint ID. 
DeFelsko is a leading manufacturer of coating thickness gauges and inspection instruments. DeFelsko Italia's products, including PosiTest and PosiTector, are essential for measuring and evaluating the quality and thickness of an applied coating: characteristics that determine the strength of a product. Depending on the various requirements, we can propose many models, including the PosiTector P200 or PosiTector 6000. In addition, there are Defelsko Italia products specifically designed for the construction industry such as the PosiTest CMM and PosiTector CMM. 
TQC Sheen is a manufacturer of quality control equipment for surface finishing and protective coatings for industries. The finish and coating applied to a surface are important factors in preventing deterioration of the final product. 
On our Test Equipment page you will find all laboratory instruments for quality control of raw materials and manufactured products, for colour control for the paint and construction industry and for measuring the thickness of coatings applied to surfaces.  

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