Technical service

Noselab - assistenza

You will be able always to rely on our qualified technicians who will help you keep your instrumentation efficient and will support you for any problems concerning the instrumentation itself.
Our technicians are able to intervene at the right moment to provide all the service necessary for solving every situation, be it an emergency repair or a preventive maintenance or a functional check.
On-site service contract proposals are very competitive and allow tools on details that he everyone requires them the certification or annual calibration which is made with tools certified at ACCREDIA  centers.

Service customers is at disposal to arrange preventive planned proposals which solve all the maintenance problems.

Contracts are built on the specific necessities:

01020030 Preventive maintenance type A
01020031 Preventive maintenance type B
01020032 Preventive maintenance type C


Custom Contract

Annual preventive ordinary maintenance contract provides:

N.1 (one) annual check with preventive maintenance and issue of declaration of good functioning, and Calibration Report.
N.1 (one) on-site corrective visit upon request, for the repair and restoration of the correct functioning of the instrument (reduced rate of 15%).

Calibration in the laboratory or on site

Annual with N.1 (one) annual check of operation and issue of ISO Calibration Report.