23 September 2021

PANTONE X-Rite: solutions to ensure perfect colour every time

Noselab Ats authorised dealer of PANTONE X-Rite

X-Rite knows that perfect colour is synonymous with great quality, and the success of a business also depends on producing this colour accurately and consistently.

X-Rite, combining the art and science of colour, helps your business achieve the highest level of colour integrity so that your product benefits.

You can get colour wrong at so many stages, and it is not easy to know how to get it right: this is where X-Rite can help you.

Complete solutions
Noselab Ats. Authorised reseller of X-Rite provides solutions covering the entire workflow from design to production to ensure optimised colour every time.

With technology that unites colour and appearance, X-Rite is leading the way for colour professionals who want a new level of quality for colour activities.

X-Rite has more than 60 years of experience in colour production, and its expertise covers a wide variety of industries: printing and packaging, paints and coatings, agribusiness, apparel, electronics, cosmetics, construction and home furnishings.

Through strategic acquisitions and innovations, X-Rite has expanded its competencies in colour by integrating those of PANTONE, a world-renowned authority in colour. Pantone provides state-of-the-art colour systems and technology for accurate colour selection and communication in a variety of industries.

Acknowledged worldwide as the leading source of colour expertise, the Pantone Color Institute provides colour insights and solutions and works with clients to identify strategies to address colour issues and develop a colour and design approach in line with the brand vision. The Pantone Colour Institute accompanies you at all stages of developing a colour strategy tailored to your company's unique needs, for example through:

Forecasting colour trends
Brand colour development
Customised colour solutions
Product palette selection
Visit our website, in the Test Equipment section you will find all the solutions offered by X-Rite and PANTONE to guarantee perfect colour every time. 

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